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Welcome to Coastal Custom Knifeworks
where premium woods and natural materials are used to create a custom knife that you will want to pass down for generations. Based in Summerville, South Carolina I specialize in ​oyster, fillet and hunting knives.
-Shannon Reed

custom oyster knife
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Custom designed knives to your specifications in stainless or high carbon steel.
Exotic woods including Amboyna Burl, Thuya Burl, Desert Ironwood, Curly Maple, Maple Burl and many more.           
Natural accent pieces like camel bone, buffalo horn and buffalo bone are available. 
Mosaic pins, lanyard tubes and handle liners are also options. 
Laser wood engraving is now available.
Whether a custom oyster knife, handmade hunting knife or handcrafted chef knife we can help. 
 Available Monday through Saturday to answer all of your questions. Looking forward to working with you.
Email: coastalknives@gmail.com
Phone: 843.514.1459
Custom Oyster Knife
Custom Oyster Knife
​ Sewee Shucker Oyster Knife in African Blackwood and Desert Ironwood,
 Custom Oyster Knives starting at $100
​Check out our Price List and Wood Selection pages to find what suits your needs.
Custom Oyster Knife Shucker
​Old Village Oyster Knife
Handmade here in the Lowcountry.
Great for shucking oysters here in Charleston or anywhere else you see fit.

We offer a lifetime warranty on our knives against materials and craftsmanship.